Greetings to:

All the authors that are reading this article today and as well to people for being able to provide us with more than their time but that as well of enabling us as authors to express and share our experiences and talents as well.

I would like talk about some of the key moments during the writing process of a book. This being ‘How does one feel before writing, during the writing, and after the writing.’

Now at times many of us don’t really go out and plan to write a book. For a book to come together a host of things have to be taken into consideration or has to happen to you. So what is it that happened to me? First of all my book is titled Victory and Justice at Last. A book that tells the story of my 12-year battle to get Justice for my daughter who died at the hands of a negligent drunken doctor after having given birth to my grandchild Lisa.

I needed to give you this background in order for you to understand what happened to me. For what happened to me will be the clue to how I felt before writing this book.

This story is very personal and has been one that has been draining and has basically taken everything to me. So I would like to believe that there is a strong sense of conviction that one must feel before writing the book.

You have to be in a position to convince yourself that you do have a story to tell which can be an eye opener, strengthen, restore and make others strong and e victorious. For me I had not only a strong case that I won, but also the strong urge to tell my story to world so everybody knows and an awareness is created about some of the shortcomings of our justice and health systems. Strength does is what I felt even though in the 12 years one had felt hopeless many times. But due to my Faith and God gave me strength I got Victory.

The writing of the book happened almost naturally in a sense that most of what I wrote were notes and thoughts about what I felt and thought. This means that the content of the book was there before I could even sit down and say PAGE 1 or Introduction. So the writing process is one where you are ALONE. Where you have time for yourself. Where you want to be isolated and just be in conversation with yourself. You also have to be alone whilst you are writing.

Whilst it is fact that before you write you have to feel strong about what you right the irony then becomes that once you start writing you will then as well not feel so strong or sure. There is also a level of doubt and concern. You start questioning yourself ‘can I honestly write a book?’ Am I really writing this book? Am I not mad? Who the hell am I to write a book? You feel uncertain. You feel doubt for the task at hand is overwhelming and you don’t want to be taking chances. For it’s not just anyone who writes a book.

The great thing about having completed writing is that you get that sense of Pride. So the writing process is one that needs you to feel STRONG about your idea for the book before you write. It is a writing process where you will DOUBT and be probably ALONE whilst your writing. However with all that the most amazing thing is that once you are done. PRIDE and GLORY is the only that you feel. When you have that book in a hardcover. When you can touch it and see your name on it.

Please do take time to order my book. It’s difficult to get published and thus hope that through telling my story in this platform will continue to bring us together and inspire one another. I am honoured to be in a position to share this platform. I am trying to keep this speech short for I think my writing experience or how I feel through is just the tip of the iceberg. A drop in our ocean and the best or the greatest of these feelings can only be described and put into full context by all of us.

So before I write- I feel strongly about the story. Whilst writing I then doubt but get the Strength especially when I hear the whisper saying:

“Habakkuk write the vision”

Then in the end, once it’s all done, you as the writer you become and overcomer and be passionate to continue to the next book.

“Step in Faith and tell your story.”