About Buyi Daweti

Buyi was born in the Eastern Cape and completed her schooling years in PE. Buyi Daweti describes herself as a God fearing woman whose life is dedicated to serving the Lord. Life’s challenges have made her stronger in faith, making her totally reliant on God and His power to sustain her life.

She is a hard-working woman who grabs every opportunity to make the lives of those around her better. She is goal driven and a go-getter who doesn’t exhibit any fear of failure.

She started her career as a temporary teacher and eventually went on to attain her teaching degree. During her tenure as a teacher she excelled and became an OBE facilitator in Science and Technonlogy, a Head of Department and a Co-ordinator of teacher development workshops at a regional level.

She is a mother of two – Hlalefo & Lisa.

Education & Accolades

Education &



Teacher's Diploma at Cape College of Education in Eastern Cape


Bachelor of Education at the University of Port Elizabeth in EC


Masters of Engineering in Business management at Warwick University - UK


Masters in Project Management with Stellenbosch University.


25 November Officially Ordained as a Pastor


She has received numerous promotions and awards as a top performing employee and has been instrumental in very significant projects at national level.


As an employee she received a total of 6 Chairman’s and Managers’ Awards.